Michigan Welfare Rights Organization is an all-volunteer organization that is supported by people like you who believe in the anti-poverty work that we do. You can help us by becoming an annual dues paying member or by mailing a contribution. Any amount you give is most appreciated!

We currently don’t have an online platform for donations but you may write out checks/money orders to MWRO and mail them to:

23 E. Adams St, 4th floor
Detroit, MI 48226


Our fiscal sponsor is Central United Methodist Church.

Note: $35 gets you a MWRO membership card, and a new MWRO t-shirt with a letter of appreciation mailed to you! Please send your address and t-shirt size. (Only S, M, L and XL and 4XL are available at this time.)

If you are in southeast Michigan, we also appreciate in-kind donations of items you may have around your home or office. We are most in need of:

* Office supplies: reams of white paper, 8 1/2″x11″; large sheets of note taking paper to post on walls; pens; dry erase markers; toner and ink jet cartridges (call for exact types).

* Protest materials: poster boards, wooden sticks for signs, rolls of paper for making banners, a bullhorn, cans filled with beans for noisemakers.

* Kitchen supplies for meetings: ground coffee, coffee cups, drinking cups, paper plates, napkins, lemonade powder, pretzels, chips, microwave popcorn.

You may drop them off at the MWRO office (23 E. Adams St., 4th floor, Detroit, MI 48226) or call us at 313-964-0618.

Thank you!

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