International water rights activists gather in Detroit, June 8-11

Join MWRO and the People’s Water Board as we gather with hundreds of water warrior from across the Midwest, U.S. and internationally to discuss water contamination, shutoffs, unaffordability, inadequate sewage systems, infrastructure needs, and public and personal health problems — all associated with the denial of the human right to water.

This social movement gathering will bring together people directly affected by water problems, grassroots leaders, community attorneys, researchers, educators, artists and policy makers to strategize on solutions that ensure safe, life giving water is never denied based upon income or access.

Register to participate in the 2nd International Gathering of Social Movements on Water, June 8-11, 2017 in Detroit, Michigan at

For more information, contact MWRO at 313-964-2500 or [email protected]

Download the flyer: 2nd_IGSMW_updatedMay2017

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