50th Anniversary of Welfare Rights Movement

In this historical moment, MWRO joins thousands of people across the U.S. to reflect on and celebrate 50 years of welfare rights organizing by, with and on behalf of poor and low income people. In 1966, delegates from poor people’s groups all over the country met in New York to begin the fight for women and children’s rights with leaders such as George Wiley. Across the country in the Los Angeles community of Watts, Mrs. Johnnie Tilmon and many welfare recipients began organizing in 1963 for economic rights and dignified treatment at human service offices. She would later become president of the National Welfare Rights Organization

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Today, the movement continues for economic, social and civil rights but in an entirely different political climate and economic conditions. Welfare rights veterans, members and friends will gather in Detroit on June 24-25, 2016 to share stories, reflect and discuss the historic and current poor people’s movement. For more information, contact MWRO at (313) 964-0618 or mwro.org Please share widely.

Download the 50th Anniversary Welfare Rights flyer as a pdf.


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