Detroit Public School Parents Speak Out on Poor Conditions

We’re proud of our Detroit and Highland Park parents and students who spoke out yesterday against the unsafe classroom and building conditions in Detroit Public Schools. Hundreds of Detroit Federation of Teachers instructors (see Teach Detroit on Twitter) have spoken out against the school district’s emergency manager and have been involved in large sick outs to call attention to the hazardous conditions and difficult learning environments. Many parents kept their children from attending school during the District’s “count day” to protest conditions and operations. DPS teachers, staff and students have been suffering under the drastic cuts and undemocratic decisions by one of the same Emergency Manager’s responsible for Flint’s water crisis, Darnell Earley who was recently forced to resign. See the Detroit News for more on the parent-student speak out..

The press conference was held at Central United Methodist Church where Rev. Jill Zundel spoke on the importance of linking up the right to safe, quality childhood education in the face of poverty, and the role of the church to provide a safe place for people who speak out against injustice

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. The event was organized by the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute and Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management with support from MWRO.

Detroit Public School Mom

A Detroit Public School mother speaks against deplorable conditions in her children’s schools and calls for elimination of emergency management and Gov. Snyder’s involvement in DPS; plus, reinstatement of the elected school board.

DPS Student 2

A Detroit Public School student speaks against emergency management of Detroit schools and problems it causes in the classroom. (Photo by MWRO)

DPS dad

A father of a DPS student who lives in Highland Park tells why he must send his child to Detroit schools since his city’s schools have been closed, worries about his son’s learning environment.

DPS student from Highalnd Park

A Highland Park elementary school student from Highland Park describes his difficult school learning experiences with poor conditions and stressed teachers.

Rev Zundel

Rev Jill Zundel tells the press of her church’s support of DPS parents and students, offers sanctuary.

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