Learn How to Bid on a Detroit House

If you live in Detroit, you know that there is at least one abandoned house on every block. Sure, a whole bunch of these need to be torn down as nothing can be done with them but many others are salvageable and livable. In fact, The City of Detroit’s Planning and Development Department owns nearly 40,000 houses — most of which have been turned over from non-bids through Wayne County’s Tax Foreclosure process — that are part of this housing stock.

While local shock-and-awe news outlets would have you think that no one wants to live in Detroit, the truth is there are many people already living haphazardly in Detroit who need a place of their own. The shelters are full, families are doubling up, and kids are moving from couches to cars as low income families try to stay warm and safe.

How can it be that Detroit has both thousands of abandoned houses and thousands of homeless families?

We can’t sit idly by and witness these human rights violations. If you or a family you know wants to learn how to bid on a city-owned home, come to one of two MWRO House Bid Workshops: Wed, Sep. 11 at 6pm or Tue, Sep. 24 at 6pm. You must pre-register by calling the MWRO office at (313) 964-0618.

We will discuss the current and explain how the process works. But know this: biding and owning one of these homes will take a LOT of work! This is not for the faint of heart or for someone who thinks s/he can star on a television episode of “Flip This House.” Come to learn, come to win this fight!

Photo from National Resource Defense Council.

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