We March Again at DTE

On Thursday, 2/11/10, a team of negotiators from MWRO met with DTE. While DTE has made some concessions, we are continuing to march to eliminate ALL wintertime shut-offs.

Therefore our next Resurrection March will be:

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 18, noon-1 p.m.
DTE Headquarters
Bagley and Third Streets
(Near MGM Grand Casino)

More information about the negotiations will be coming soon! If you have questions, call MI Welfare Rights: (313) 964-0618.

Image features Marian Kramer, Co-Chair of the National Welfare Rights Union

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  1. Anonymous | March 5, 2010 at 7:02 pm |

    The best way to fight utility companies (and maybe even put them out of business) is to develop technologies (such as the 'Bloom Box') which will let consumers generate their own power. Alternative energy is another way to go.

  2. I think we should stop welfare completely. Too many people feel they are entitled and don't have to earn anything. Why do I have to work two jobs so you don't have to? Pay your own damn bills!

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