MWRO Death Watches Continue at DTE

Please watch this MWRO “Resurrection March – Death Watch” protest in front of DTE headquarters with MWRO member, Ann Grimmett.

Over the past couple of months, five Detroiters have died in DTE shut-off related deaths. When low-income people cannot afford to pay their winter electric bills or arrange payment plans with Michigan’s largest provider of electricity, terrible things happen!

We cannot continue to allow a company that provides a basic need to earn profits at the expense of human life! We DEMAND that DTE Energy turn on service for everyone, establish a moratorium on shut-offs, and develop affordable service plans for low-income people. For over 10 years, MWRO has attended the funerals of seniors, mothers, babies and other poor people after they died while trying to stay warm in their homes.

Michigan Welfare Rights Organization and low-income residents will continue marching outside of the DTE headquarters every Thursday at 12pm until these demands are met.

Enough is enough!

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