Dignity for Poor People

An Open Letter from MWRO Member, Ann Grimmett:

At the 2010 USSF, I’m looking forward to none of the usual, tribalish, clanish, cliquish elitist, snobs looking down their noses at myself and other poor people! What I really want to see is this…

I WANT TO SEE DIGNITY RETURNED TO POOR PEOPLE!! I want to NOT see human beings forced (by this diabolically/tyrannical system) to relieve themselves in alleys, and doorways, because they have NO PLACE to go, sit down, roll off toilet paper, and wipe themselves when they’re through defecating and urinating!

The world is in a state I could NEVER have imagined, because I didn’t think I’d ever hear another poor person pass judgment on someone so unfortunate as to HAVE to relieve themself in so undignified a manner

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. Because truth be told that old adage, “when you gotta go you gotta go,” is more than a “slogan.” It is an inescapable FACT!

So, to all those who would judge, it would behoove you to imagine yourself in that position! Romans 14:4 “Who are you to judge someone else’s servant?”

We need to put ourselves in a position to raise up our fellow man, not put him down!
That should “remain the domain” of the “Terrorists” that run this country (into the ground!), not the people who’re being run over and over-run!

(Clip art courtesy of cksinfo.com)

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