Rev Pinkney House Arrest Appeal Denied

The Michigan Supreme Court has denied a hearing on the house arrest appeal of Benton Harbor preacher and activist, Rev. Edward Pinkney

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. This legal setback for our comrade (who was released on bond on Christmas eve 2008) comes soon after he was denied the opportunity to attend his Michigan Court of Appeals hearing on June 9, 2009. Rev Pinkney is appealing his prison sentence for quoting the Bible against a judge. The ACLU is representing Rev. Pinkney and his first amendment right.

The Rev. Louis Farrakan was one of several people who spoke on behalf of Rev. Pinkney at the Grand Rapids Court of Appeals hearing. This case has drawn the attention of many who are concerned about the political crackdown on “truth speakers” in Benton Harbor, Michigan–a mostly poor, African American town controlled by stakeholders backed by Whirlpool intent on turning the town into a golf resort destination.

For more information about Rev. Pinkney, BANCO (the grassroots group he represents), and Benton Harbor, go to the BANCO website.

Image courtesy of the Michigan Citizen.

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