People’s Summit Takes On National Business Summit

From June 14-17, 2009, the People’s Summit will take on the nation’s CEO’s and major corporations as they come to Detroit for the National Business Summit. Over two dozen of the nation’s richest corporate leaders will be meeting to discuss how to increase their bottom line. But what they won’t be talking about are the massive home foreclosures and evictions in Michigan, or the historic 22.2% unemployment rate in Detroit!

Corporate lay off kings and millionaire capitalists from Conoco-Phillips, Dow Chemical, General Motors, Chrysler, Humana Inc, Ascension Health, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, BNSF Railway Co, and more, will meet at Ford Field with government officials to set their economic course for the next few years.

But while the people of Detroit, and other hard working and unemployed men and women across this country are shut out of these meetings, a parallel “People’s Summit and Tent City” will take place adjacently at Grand Circus Park.

Local and national participants in the People’s Summit will draft a “People’s Stimulus Plan” and an “Economic Bill of Rights” that recognize the needs and decisions of working class and poor people. Make your plans to be there for these three days of discussion and active resistance!

For more information, contact Moratorium Now! at (313) 680-5508

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