Poor People’s Activists Protest Foreclosure Sales

A coalition of activists in Minneapolis, MN, demanded an end to home foreclosure sales last week by attempting to stop the sale of homes owned by low-income people or occupied by similar renters. Hennepin County Sheriff Deputies allowed only three protesters into the courtroom for the procedure. When one of the activists bid ‘a penny’ for one of the foreclosed homes, she was forcibly thrown out of the courtroom.

Other activists chanted protest slogans and songs, and later instituted a sit-in at the Hennepin County Sheriff’s office. After insisting on a meeting with the Sheriff, a group of them was escorted to a private room meeting to meet with a deputy and county commissioner

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. (The Sheriff was out of town.)

The group announced that following this meeting, all parties would sit down within two weeks in an official meeting to review the foreclosure and eviction process, and determine how to make it better, within the law.

The action was organized by the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, ACORN, Economic Crisis Action group, Homes Not Jails and the IWW. See the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign for more info.

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  1. To make a plan of action, never pay somebody a lot of money to help you avoid foreclosure and educating yourself is the most important step to take when facing foreclosure.
    In that way, your credit rating is maintain and your home is still in your hands.

  2. Education is important but what is more important is direct social action that includes the mobilization of the poor to disrupt the system that is foreclosing on their properties.

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