Speakers for a New America

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Speakers for a New America

Speakers from America’s Rust Belt discuss the crisis in auto, the bailout, poverty and solutions.

Claire McClinton will be on KPFK Beautiful Struggle, at 7pm (PST), Tuesday, March 3, 2009 discussing the crisis in auto. Claire McClinton is an auto-worker from Flint, Michigan, a labor leader and community activist. She discusses the bailout and the crisis in auto. You can listen to the program live at or download the program from the KPFK archives after it airs.

“Ask Welfare Rights,” with Maureen Taylor and Marian Kramer of the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, will be on WHPR TV and radio from Detroit, MI tonight from 7-8:00 PM (EST). The lively weekly discussions deal with the growing poverty, the struggle for water for Detroit residents, politics, solutions and more.You can view the program on your computer each week.

See Speakers for a New America for a list of national leaders and activists who can speak to your group or community about grassroots solutions to U.S. problems and more.

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