America, Women, and Babies!

By Maureen D. Taylor
MWRO State Chairperson

A surprising segue has developed over recent weeks, after the birth of octuplets to a mother who already has six children. The good news I thought was that all the children are still alive after these few weeks, even though it is suspected that several will have developmental issues.

The “flap” one would guess, would be over the wisdom of implanting so many embryos that bring with this procedure potential for birth defects. In Vitro Fertilization has risks that multiply with multiple births–we all get that–but this is not what is being spoken of.

Hate mail and hatred is being directed toward this mother because she is not married and the government may have to take financial responsibility for these eight, along with the other six. This mother seems obsessed with having babies, all fathered by the same partner–a fact known by the clinic who performed this procedure every time.

Bitter statements have suggested that Ms. Suleman has created this scenario to gain income for herself and her children. Her planned pregnancy has unleashed the wrath of many orthodox thinkers who are ultra critical without offering the sympathy this challenged mother needs.

Somehow, she feels herself to be little more than a “baby-machine” who because she lacks affection in her own life, needs babies to cherish who will categorically love her back. We say nothing about the $1,000 hammers purchased by the Defense Dept., or the $10b per month price tag for our involvement in Iraq.

The gov’t benefits she receives is not enough to care for this family. The mother needs counseling and care, as do these babies who have been born into a world that loves them not. Women of America, don’t join in this assault against this troubled soul that we should, instead, demand services for, along with all children and depressed moms.

(Image from Washington Post/AP/KTLA)

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