Dear Pachyderm Friends!

By Maureen D. Taylor, MWRO State Chair

President Obama is correct. We voted you out of office in groves, trying to make it clear that your political point of view was contrary to the direction most of us wanted. I have seen and heard bad things said and done by mean-spirited elected officials, but the fight against helping Native Americans with upgrades on houses standing on reservations astounds even me.

How low-down is a person or group of persons that thought such a move was not critical and primary toward proving jobs and improving the lot of those who had so much stolen from them? The $3 billion recommended could never make-up for the resources taken from them, so I think we should pass that section first and make those dollars available immediately.

Still, President Obama should apply the “trickle up” theory, meaning that he should test in the ten poorest states this concept. Make dollars available to those already receiving unemployment benefits, about $30,000 this year, and $20,000 the following year and watch how quickly we are able to turn this economy around!

We lift all ships if resources are applied first to those at the bottom. Trickle down NEVER works, Mr. President!

(Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons)

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