An Open Letter from Call’em-Out!!

Dear Detroiter:

Some of the first “water department takeover” attempt maneuvers have been made to snatch control of the Detroit Water and Sewage Department. The plan appears to start with selling of pieces of our system. This is nothing less than another assault on our City and the people

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. We must turn back the continued dismantling of the City of Detroit. The people must lead on the water issue, then our elected officials must follow.

Ken Cockrel, interim/temporary/stand-in mayor and mayoral candidate, picked up this plan once Kwame Kilpatrick was jailed. Dave Bing, a candidate for mayor, was on the negotiating team for this agreement which continues the dismantling of our city. Their behavior must be considered an act of treason. The people must respond with a resounding “NO.”

We are asking you to sound the alert to all within the sound of your voice in churches, schools, union and community organizations meetings, wherever and whenever you may speak. Please speak on “The Dismantling Of Our Detroit Water and Sewage Department” at every opportunity. Please join with us in this mighty and righteous effort.

An informational “Water Takeover Resistance” forum is planned for the people of the city of Detroit. All citizens, community leaders, ministers, mayoral candidates, union leaders, city council members, federal and state legislators and all other stakeholders in Detroit must take a public stand on this issue. This meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 28, 2009 in Eastern Market @ Bert’s Warehouse Theater, 5:30PM, 2727 Russell Street @ Division, Detroit, Michigan.

It will take all of us to repel this assault. If you would like to be added as a sponsor or supporter of this cause, please contact Agnes Hitchcock @ 313-874-2792 or email [email protected] to have your name added.

Agnes Hitchcock

Sponsors & Supporters:
Maureen Taylor
Marian Kramer
Agnes Hitchcock
John Riehl, President AFSCME – Local 207

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