‘Cipients Speak: The Margin of Victory!

The strongest and clearest candidate in the Presidential race is by far, the underdog, Cynthia McKinney, Green Party. That campaign cannot compete with the millions of dollars being spent by the Elephants and Donkeys, so we are calling on the next elected President to do the right thing. Hire Cynthia McKinney as the new Secretary of Health and Human Services, and appoint Dennis Kucinich as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. This would make a good start.

The survey polls are all over the place, so the question is what do you believe? At Welfare Rights, we know that the margin of victory is found in the ranks of those already marginalized and who, if included, can secure the victory. If the Obama camp wants to win this election, it must engage the low income voter, the homeless voter, the ex-felon voter, and the high school, new voter. We are already spreading out across the city to find, to secure, locate and to sign-up every one of those voters just listed. What would help would be to get these no-good, trifling Democrats on the same page that we are on. A simple thing like securing lawn signs and bumper stickers for those unable to spend the requisite $5 per sign should be a task even they can manage. Not so…

There is great angst in the Detroit Obama camp. Volunteers are rightfully upset about what they perceive as unfair treatment. Many have worked tireless hours to support their candidate and thought they would receive compensation for that labor. They are angry because that didn’t happen, and are even more upset to learn that an out-of-town volunteer committee is being slightly paid for working in the Detroit, Wayne County area.

This is a new day and new strategies are being tried, so we all have to get used to new stuff. What’s not new is that we are still being tricked, bamboozled, and hood-winked by corporate powers. To think that both parties in both houses are even considering making a gift of $1 trillion dollars to banks so that they can make loans to the common people that would generate interest is a sick trick. We don’t need credit, we need jobs that pay livable wages and a guaranteed annual income for those who find themselves in-between jobs. Obama said, “Not that America is perfect, but that America can be perfect.” That can happen if we move to restructure this nation on the basis of what is good for the many, and not on what is good for the few. Make tax-free checks available to low income & middle class families, and watch the economy become highly stimulated! Just like the government found trillions of dollars for these low-down banks, find stimulus checks for the people and we will turn this economy around quick, fast and in a hurry. Post an “800 #” for us to call and tell you NOT to give banks our money so you will know how we feel. Local Democrats, get those lawn signs and bumper stickers delivered to the people so we won’t have to talk anymore about this issue!

Maureen D

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. Taylor
State Chair, Michigan Welfare Rights Organization

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