Sylvia Orduño

Sylvia speaks at water rights protest

Sylvia Orduño is an MWRO organizer and activist who works with anti-poverty organizations, community groups, and national social movements on water and housing issues. She has been an organizer and communications coordinator with the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization for 20 years, and is a Board member on the National Welfare Rights Union. Sylvia is an active member of the People’s Water Board coalition and is co-chair of the National Coalition on the Human Rights to Water and Sanitation advocating for human rights policies and legislation. In October 2016, Sylvia joined the EPA’s National Environmental Justice Advisory Council (NEJAC) where she is bringing attention and community-based solutions to the water and sewage affordability crises and public health problems in Detroit, Flint and across the Michigan. She is ABD in sociology at the University of Michigan.