Images of a Mass Murderer

Stop Violence Against Women

Dear Sisters & Brothers;

Each March starting before 1917, International Women’s Day has been celebrated worldwide as a way to focus on contributions made all over the earth. That recognition was expanded to a monthly celebration that is highlighted today.  No one ever expected that during a period of cheerful national focus, that violence would stain the existence of International Women’s Month with the sound again of bullets aimed at unarmed working women.

Early stories suggest that this lone young man focused his anger toward these eight victims connected to three massage salons staffed by women of Asian descent because of his self-described addiction to ‘physical intimacy” that he could not control.  POPPY-COCK…

Every woman who watched this horror unfold knew immediately what this was about in seconds, well before investigators arrived on scene.  We were able to connect the dots in our collective minds that comes from what our ‘gut’ tells us when these kind of events surface. The unbridled violence against Asian people old and young has been rising from coast to coast. References to the covid-19 virus that falsely tied it to China has been heard so we knew the source of this violence.  Attacks against women during the pandemic are exploding, so women are again in harms way.

There is a subtle stigma attached to those who work in massage salons that hints of erotic behaviors that are suspected to occur on those grounds that is part of what is NOT being said in this case. Already, at least one law enforcement officer has described the events that pushed the young man into committing multiple murders because he was having a ‘bad day’. The point is that these killings can be ‘minimized’ because of the victims’ reputations meaning that they may not be important. Ladies – we all heard that message.

Here is the unproven truth:  This lone gunman is just another card-carrying member of the ‘white supremacist club.”  He is a hater who had problems with relationships, problems with women, and problems with women of color.  He was psychotic when he killed these ladies & he was that way last month. He is the exact profile of the insurrectionists who violated the Capitol Bldg. on Jan 6th…racist, misogynistic, violent, and believes himself to be privileged in that he had the RIGHT to punish others.

So my advice to all women is to be aware…to watch others and how they act around you. America is in a time where her ‘dark side’ is on full display which comes as no surprise for the millions who have been victimized by this reality.  Women, working women, working women of color have been the victims of economic inequalities for generations often at the hands of white men.  All the members of the National Welfare Rights Union are wounded by this recent act of murder and we cry for the victims and their families who are shocked and afraid.

This type of event will happen somewhere else again, so we have to find the strength to close ranks even in our sorrow as we continue to fight for social justice.  The system has to change if all life is to be valued starting with the least of us.   We have to talk about violence against women & get better prepared to recognize it. Lastly, we must find ways to take better care of each other while we show our partners that we make better friends than enemies.

At least, go to your neighborhood sports store and purchase a virtual solid-wood baseball bat.  Keep it near the virtual front door…enough said.

Maureen Taylor & Marian Kramer

Michigan Welfare Rights Org.