Our favorite podcast featuring Maureen Taylor

There’s a podcast jewel available on Spotify that you gotta check out featuring two seemingly opposite figures that light up the airwaves! It’s called What’s Been Done and What’s Been Won,” and features discussions on grassroots stories from the perspective of our small anti-poverty organization.

Bob Ostertag, a lifelong musician, writer and filmmaker from San Francisco, California teams up with his dynamic podcast partner Maureen Taylor, a lifelong soldier for the poor in Detroit, Michigan. Many people know them each well and, as we learn, they have much more in common than appearances would suggest.

Together, they bring you discussions of politics, environment, and culture, drawing on the social networks of an internationally touring musician and writer, with the perspective and wisdom that can only come from a life lived among those with the least.

Check out this uplifting and entertaining podcast on BuzzSprout and Spotify. Stay tuned for a new series of interviews in 2021!