A victory for Water Affordability with more to be done


Today, Dec. 8th, 2020., Detroit Mayor Duggan announced the protection against water shutoffs goes into effect immediately and will last thru 2022.


Since February of 2014, the Peoples Water Board along with MI Welfare Rights Org and others have been in a toe-2-toe struggle with the Detroit Water Dept. demanding that these demonic water shutoffs stop.

We started this battle even earlier when in 2004 and 2005 and 2006 we met at the Hannan House and  developed a Water Affordability Plan which charges water bills based on family incomes. When the economic condition of Detroit and surrounding communities started to change, low-income and fixed income water customers became the target of aggressive and relentless shutoffs.  This David and Goliath fight rose to epic heights that attracted national and international support from others near and far who aligned themselves with us.

The battle is not yet over.  We MUST continue to work toward a Water Affordability Plan model.  Assistance planning is NOT the goal, because assistance dollars run out.  The Affordability model means low and fixed income households can pay water bills based on their incomes, which will mean long-term protection. We also MUST continue to work toward this concept becoming a statewide feature then have it adopted nationwide so that no family ever has to fear water shutoffs.

The road has been long, the frustrations have been many, but we stayed the course and never wavered away from what was just.  Water is a Human Right and access to clean water and sanitation must be the goal.  To all of those who started this battle, and to those who joined the battle along the way, this victory is OURS. To all those soldiers we lost along the way who gave their all, this victory is YOURS. There is still room and space for more warriors to join this skirmish for water rights, so know that you are welcome & we are waiting for you the help carry this banner.