World Water Day — bus trip to Lansing

Get on the bus with MWRO to Lansing for World Water Day! Insist that our Michigan representatives make clean, affordable water a human right. Let Gov. Snyder know we’re still waiting for meaningful action in Flint! Sign up for the bus.

Detroit buses leave Central United Methodist Church downtown at 6:30am, returning by 6pm. Free rides and lunch for those who register. Call MWRO for more info 313-964-2500. Wear blue on Wednesday!

Can’t make the trip? You can still help by calling your Michigan representatives and asking them to support the Water Package legislation. These bills will help ensure that residents all across Michigan — from small towns to large cities — will never go without water because they cannot afford the costs, and guarantee that families will have safe, clean drinking water free from lead contamination.

This activity is sponsored by the People’s Water Board — a Detroit-based coalition of over 30 groups organizing for clean, accessible, affordable water for all people. Other bus caravans are leaving from Flint, Grand Rapids and more Michigan cities.


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