MWRO and FWW support Rep Conyers Water Act

Please read the following press release from Food and Water Watch about Water Act legislation to address the nation’s water infrastructure crisis.

“Thousands of households in Detroit have lost access to water service because many cannot afford to pay for this basic human right, said Maureen D. Taylor, State Chairperson of Michigan Welfare Rights Organization. “Without this critical water funding, water customers will have to shoulder the burden of costly rate hikes to address infrastructure improvements and many will be unable to do so, leading even more households to lose access to this essential resource.

Read the about the Water Act legislation at WATER Act FINAL 05-24-16 (pdf)

WATER ACT PR FINAL 05-24-16-page-0
WATER ACT PR FINAL 05-24-16-page-1
WATER ACT PR FINAL 05-24-16-page-2

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