U.S. government failed response to water and sanitation crises

On Monday, 2016, water activists from several communities across the U.S. met in Washington, DC to participate in hearings at the Inter American Commission on Human Rights. Representatives from the U.S. State Department listened to stories of water shutoffs, toxic water contamination, lack of sewage infrastructure, farm crop loss and many more human rights violations. Read the full story.

Here’s an excerpt of what took place:

After all of the representatives spoke, the U.S. opened with an overview of what the U.S. has done and continues to generously do through initiatives intended to improve water and sanitation around the world. However, this tactic backfired in extraordinary fashion.


Commissioner Margarette May Macaulay of Jamaica asked, “If you’re doing [all of] that outside your borders, can’t you do that at the same time in tandem so nobody falls through the cracks?”

“I literally can’t imagine the most powerful country in the world having these kind of stories,” Macaulay added. “There should not be these gaps.”


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