Blog post: The Truth Hurts

By Maureen D. Taylor
State Chair, MWRO

Well, it appears as if the cat is out of the bag, to no one’s surprise.  Once “democracy” in MI was shot and killed in 2011, our right to vote was taken away so we no longer have the capacity to make decisions as residents of the State.  Governor Snyder’s elimination of elected officials followed by his imposition of Emergency Managers set into motion the practice of putting dictators in charge as the new normal.

Today, I understand more deeply how African-Americans in Mississippi felt and feel, how Native Americans felt and feel, how German Jews in 1939 felt and feel, along with the hurt associated with watching your rights being taken away step by step. We should all be afraid, very afraid.

Mayor Dave Bing held the door wide open helping to facilitate the theft of the Detroit Water Dept., an acquisition taken in the dead of night and during daylight hours so skillfully, that only a few of us grasped the magnitude of this treacherous act.  This billion-dollar asset is the goal for all the corporate water-management-barons both here and abroad, salivating at the chance to take over any sliver of this great treasure. We are hard-pressed to stop them from grabbing everything we have under the color of law we know nothing about and that is used to make such thefts appear legal.  Veolia and their corporate partners will leave no stone unturned as they maneuver themselves into positions of ownership thru the backdoor at first, bit by bit, until they own all of this asset.

Look behind you, and listen carefully as the jack-boots of fascism approach in the guise of cost-saving methods.  Cost-saving steps have a new visual attached to it…FLINT, MI!

Welfare Rights stands with our partners as always, ready to do battle against Veolia and against any other entity that is creeping toward the municipal water we once owned; trying to capture finances from it for the benefit of their corporate pockets. We are in a war and only WE know it!  The haves are having their way, while the have-nots are in denial.  How we get them engaged in a battle to save working class people is the question we have to answer. We are in the “Warsaw ghetto” period now, approaching the final West African ports of Goree, just before we are herded onto the ships that will relieve us of all our rights. You know what comes next.

Wish I had Dr. King’s and Brother Malcolm’s new phone numbers.

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