U.S. Groups Testify in DC water rights

IACHR-OAS hearing, Washington, DC. Oct 23, 2016

In October 2015, several groups across the U.S. gathered in Washington, DC, to meet with officials from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Organization of American States (OAS) to discuss water and sanitation crises in several states and territories.


(Photo by MWRO)

MWRO told of massive water shutoffs due to unaffordability in Detroit, described the lead poisoning of Flint water, and explained how large water bills are being placed on the property taxes of homeowners leading to foreclosure. Grassroots groups in California, New Mexico, Alabama, Georgia and indigenous territories spoke of drinking water contamination, raw sewage in community basins without sewage systems, and inaccessible clean water.

At the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) through OAS, Maureen Taylor and Marian Kramer testified alongside comrades from several Latin American countries on human rights problems in their nations — some as direct result of U.S. political intervention and corporate removal of natural resources.

These reports are a continuation of our work to bring greater international attention to human water rights violations in the U.S., and demand accountability through government agencies and regional organizations in the Americas.

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