International Appeal to Stop Detroit Water Shut Offs

Detroit residents and activists are calling global attention to the city’s water crisis where the Detroit Water and Sewerage Dept is scheduling 3,000 shutoffs per week to low income families. This human rights violation is being condemned by national and international social and economic justice groups who believe water is life and can never be denied to human beings.

Maude Barlow’s Blue Water Project with Food & Water Watch, Michigan Welfare Rights Organization and the Detroit People’s Water Board has drafted a report to the United Nations Special Rapporteur calling on authorities to stop the shutoffs and restore water to those who have been cut off. Read the public announcement about this water shut off crisis.

Please help us in this effort by signing the petition: “Tell Detroit to turn the taps back on: Water is a human right!” directed to President Obama and Governor Snyder.

More information can be found on the MWRO facebook and @MWRO twitter pages.

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  1. Jeff Armstrong | July 3, 2014 at 1:06 am | Reply

    I saw your group on Democracy Now and applaud your work at the UN on Detroit's mass shutoffs of water. I live in Ada, MN, where the city sends shutoff letters for bills not paid within 10 days of notice while assessing a $10 fee. Water and electricity are shut off if unpaid within 30 days. If members of your group could at least sign this petition, it would help to get the ball rolling locally and possibly help make this a national movement. Petition can be found here: Thanks, Jeff Armstrong

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