Labor Day 2013 Message from MWRO

Across Michigan, Churches, Synagogues, Temples, Meeting Rooms, assorted places of worship, and in residences everywhere, the message of labor was spoken on the Sunday before Labor Day, and that message is clear… “we will not go back!!

No matter that at present the Koch brothers and their partners have the upper hand — destroying the lives of millions, putting profits before people and making our today’s and our tomorrows miserable. Our numbers are greater so in the end, we will win out and we will craft a world where we can live with dignity and without fear of hunger or homelessness.

Poverty is on the rise but we will meet it at every juncture and turn it back block by block until that word is just a memory. Workers…Stand Strong and Garner Hope! The enemy is powerful, but righteousness is more powerful. These pirates from the corporate world had best celebrate these recent victories because our army grows day by day, angered by the series of assaults against us and soon – very soon – we will rise up and take control of the earth. Arab summers, Baptist summers, Urban summers, Youth summers, Rural summers, Senior summers, Worker summers — it will be hot everywhere once we all agree that the needs of the many must outweigh the needs of the few.

Victory is near, colleagues…Courage to us all and stay focused!

MD Taylor, State Chairperson
MI Welfare Rights Org.

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