Maureen Taylor To Receive NAACP Freedom and Justice Award

Update: See Maureen Taylor’s NAACP award acceptance speech.Dear Family and Friends,

Our own Maureen Taylor will be one of the people receiving a Freedom and Justice Award from the Detroit NAACP on its 100th birthday on May 6, 2012. We are very proud of her and the work she has continued to do! The dinner is the largest one in the U.S. for the NAACP.

Maureen, State Chair of MWRO, has given her life to fighting in the interests of the working class, in general; and in particular, to that section of the working class that have been forced into poverty. She understands and educates that we must build a new society where we will not be facing homelessness, we don’t have to face a day without food, health care, quality and free education, etc.

Maureen’s history will speak for itself because each day she is engaged in what are the next steps of the struggle. Maureen is a true leader of the working class.

You know, for me it is a joy to work with her and for all of us to gain knowledge and learn from each other.  General Baker and I have had the opportunity to have her with us for years and have watch her develop into a loving and great leader.

Thank you in advance,

Marian Kramer
National Welfare Rights Union

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