Prof. Cornell West to Occupiers: We have deep love for poor people

Dr. West speaks at Occupy Seattle, November 17, 2011:

“When you’ve done all the things you set out to do — raising your voice…raising our voices, our individual voices, our collective voices — for what? Out of the deep love we have for poor people, working people, people of color, our gay brothers and lesbian sisters — all of those who have been dehumanized, pushed to the margins and we say, ‘Yes, it is a love movement!…In the last 30 years this class war against poor and working people — pushing folk against the wall as if somehow they’re just marginalized utilities in a profit margin analysis. No, those are human beings there — losing their houses, jobs unavailable, wages stagnating with profits at the top, breaking records year in and year out. And when they get in trouble, even when they hard on folk and welfare on below, they get the corporate welfare from the top. Oh, yes! I call it corporate socialism. That’s what it is: tax payers’ money supporting the oligarchs when they get into trouble — talking to me about personal responsibility…nobody going to jail given the criminal activity that’s been going on on Wall Street for the past 15 years. Not one person’s gone to jail!”

Hear the rest of his speech. Preach on, Professor!

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