Press Release: Don’t Throw 25,000 Children Off Welfare and Into the Streets

Michigan Welfare Rights invites the public to join us at this Press Conference on September 8, 2011 at noon (press release below)  to denounce the upcoming welfare cuts against children

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. You are also invited to speak up about about other major state issues that your family is facing due to cutbacks by politicians and this wretched economy.

Local organizations and elected officials who oppose the cuts are invited to participate in this press conference, too.
Contact Maureen Taylor, State Chair, MWRO for more information (313) 964-0618.

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  1. The press conference was rescheduled for this Thursday, September 15, same place and time.

    Several community organizations and elected officials have contacted us to appear.

    Tax the rich, not the poor!
    Stop the cuts!

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