There are Only 2 Classes in America

The Middle Class is a fallacy the Rich created to inspire the bottom to dream, to strive, to in fact work harder (for their employers) toward the goal of someday achieving their same status and heights!

Oh, I understand why they’re fighting to remain Middle Class, and I forgive them. As when you fall, it seems like the ground is coming up to meet you. Those who think they’re Middle Class hope that by being in the middle, they are protected from hitting the bottom. It’s because the bottom is rapidly coming up to meet them!

Instead, they realize that what they’ve been taught all their lives has been proven to be a lie. In fact, it is causing a myriad of medical problems — physical and mental — and the lies are just another avenue for the Rich to continue (still at our expense) to line their pockets, as we continue to starve and die!

WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE! The WORKING CLASS is and CAN BE the MOST POWERFUL WEAPON EVER WIELDED against the CAPITALIST SYSTEM!! We just need to accept that we are who we are, and the process of taking back what is ours anyway can begin in earnest! We NEED to GET ‘ER GOIN’ FOLKS, the TIME HAS COME!!


2) The WORKING CLASS = ANY class which HAS to exchange LABOR (physical or mental cerebral) for a living wage.

(Working Class hyphen everybody else!)

WORKING CLASS-Information Technology (IT)
WORKING CLASS-Skilled Trades
WORKING CLASS-Factory/Assembly line
WORKING CLASS-Social Worker/Public Service
WORKING CLASS-Municipal/State/City worker
WORKING CLASS-Cashier/Counter help
WORKING CLASS-Stock/Warehouse worker
WORKING CLASS-Private Owned-Airlines/Trains/Bus Lines wkr
WORKING CLASS-Self Employed(Entrepreneurial/Cottage industry)
WORKING CLASS-Working poor (2-3 jobs still not enough to maintain self/family)
WORKING CLASS-Unemployed (no jobs are available!)
WORKING CLASS-Permanently unemployable (mentally ill, disabled/unable)

Ann Grimmett
STOP the INSANITY!! (studying as we all should!)

Image from Al Jazeera

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