Why We March June 2012: Welfare Recipients Are Expendable

The foundation on which society rests has been changed forever.

Picture Leonardo DiCaprio perched on the balcony of the Titanic, holding on to Rose’s hand as the ship which has broken in half, stands straight up just before it goes into the the icy waters.  He yells out, “THIS IS IT!!”

Today, the State of Michigan shouted out the same thing: Letters went out across the State alerting all Family Independence Program (FIP) recipients that they may have reached the limit of welfare support.  A second letter will go out at a later date to select which families will be culled out of cash assistance forever — along with a second note informing them where to go for the limited help they still may qualify for.

Governor Rick Snyder has determined that $64m dollars can be saved if MI stops caring for poor families. The death warrant was signed by the Governor on August 9th, 2011, shoving some 14,000 poor families — all with minor children — into some kind of “hell” where they will be killed off a little at a time.

These first 14,000 will be followed by more and more until all the poor families who have been on welfare assistance for 4 years are kicked out. They are on a train headed toward the concentration camps of wont:

First stop, Public Shelter Avenue where some get off and seek living arrangements in local shelters.  Girls go to the left, boys go to the right…train keeps moving toward its final destination.

Next stop, Foster Care Junction where some of the children are taken away from mostly mothers too poor to care for them any longer.

Third stop, Suicide Canyon where some moms so stressed, saddened and crushed by the loss of their home, their property, their support, will decide they are “bad” parents and the children would be better off without them. Or, some of the older children in these stressed families — separated from friends, separated from school activities, can’t go to the Prom — will consider suicide-pacts as a viable option.

Fourth Stop, Murderer’s Cave where some will resort to inward violence like we are witnessing on Channel 2,4, and 7 daily — shootings, knifings, clubbings, killing in every shape and form committed by people already on the edge.

Final stop, the Burning Fields where the message is clear: it costs too much money to keep your family alive. Governors across the nation are examining this strategy that saves State dollars.

The ASSEMBLY TO END POVERTY has called for a National MARCH ON WASHINGTON, June 30th 2011. Get involved asap

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. Email endpoverty2012@gmail.com, or call: (313) 964-0618.  There are 323 days left. Do Something!!!

Image from State of Michigan

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  1. I raised two children alone and never received a penny in state aid, insurance, or assistance. You can waitress and support a family. It is a parent's responsibility. Right now, jobs are hard to find. But, in general, you need to get a job even if you are a single mother and support your own children. Right now, in a Great Depression, I don't think it's the right time for these cuts. There aren't jobs. However, who do these women think they are thinking they can have children — then not work to provide for their own children — and live cheap like I did??

  2. lazy scum which needs to be GASED, this is what MOST of this poor families are
    hoes on crack spreading their legs and popping out kids

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