Why We March June 2012: Politicians Live High on the Hog at our Expense

The foundation on which society rests has changed forever.  Let’s take a look at these elected officials that live high on the hog at our expense.
How can Federal elected officials, even those who call themselves “our friends,” make recommendations on the future of our lives as they keep collecting checks written in six-figures? Sure, they all claim heritages of immigrant forefathers, grandpa and grandma couldn’t even speak English, blue-collar histories of remarkable fortitude that produced this or that politician. But how has this now given them the “right” to live well at our expense? They all have health care, clinics where they work, free gas, free trips for themselves and their families, and other perks that would make the average working family blush with shame.
A fireman in Lansing, MI, who was distraught about attacks on his pension stood alone and away from the others in front of the Capitol Bldg. with a sign that read, “It takes elected officials 5 years to earn a pension. It takes me 25 years to get mine.” Could that be true?
Pensions under attack, stabilized salaries under attack, haven’t heard one politician step up and demand that their salary be cut in half, have you?  Many believe that poverty and wont are all right for much of the country as long as they are not included in this statistics.
Technology again has an answer for us based on common sense: we don’t need high-paid politicians to rule and lord over us because we can construct gadgets to do a better job, and we don’t have to pay gadgets at all.  Some workers, somewhere are already thinking about ways to collect government statistics, how to glean information and make appropriate adjustments based on those facts.  How hard is it to construct a computer generated devise that can manage the needs of the many, and not the needs of the few?
Food would cost this much based on the average salary in a particular neighborhood.  Gas would cost this much, based on the same criteria.  Utilities would be capped at a percentage of the earned income per household, maybe around 5-6% of the total household income.  Housing, the same standard rule, new cars and used cars, and everything else we need to purchase, etc.  What would happen if we passed a national referendum capping what House & Senate members, Governors, Mayors, County Commissioners, City Council Persons and the rest of the lot were able to earn on our dime?
THE ASSEMBLY TO END POVERTY is calling for a NATIONAL MARCH ON WASHINGTON, June 30th, 2012.  Get involved – call: (313) 964-0618 or email endpoverty2010@gmail.com. You have 326 days left to get busy!
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2 Comments on "Why We March June 2012: Politicians Live High on the Hog at our Expense"

  1. Really great commentary! I linked to it from my blog!!! 😀

  2. Yes, but honestly, what do ppl expect?? Whey you give money to govt — you're not giving money to saints the church. You're pooling money in a way that attracts con men, liars, thieves, and the most wicked of men to political office. They turn the govt into the mob – and you have mobsters and worse then taking control. And you think that they're going to create social programs to benefit the poor??

    They'll lie to you. And feed and flame false hopes.

    And rob you blind. Then turn to mark your children for elimination — because that's what the thieves in political office do.

    They're the most evil of men. Most specifically, those who lie to you and say that they want to grow govt and institute socialism… for the poor.

    It's the top .01% who are getting all the wealth re-distribution.

    And when will ppl wise up?? And realize that you are not going to get any help from the poor through govt. They will come with eugenics programs to eliminate your children and destroy your families.

    That's what they do. And have done.The liars who say they care about the poor and got into govt to create social programs to help you — as they grow big govt as communists — look out. Don't trust them.

    There should have been a moratorium on home foreclosures, and the banks and these politicians should have been arrested.

    Good luck with finding justice through growing big govt.

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