Why We March June 2012: Corporations Define What’s Important

The foundation on which society rests has been changed forever. Visionaries from all sectors of working society must now caucus and take those necessary steps to ensure that the planet lives despite this vicious corporate assault that knows no end.
From where should advice come to help guide our steps? When you want to learn about domestic abuse, don’t go to the partner who rules with violence – the solution offered will be skewed. The remedy for slaves will not be found at the dinner table of the Master’s house.  All the Master can suggest are ways to protect and continue the system of slavery.
Why do we allow the water carriers for these corporations to define what is important to us? 
Your arms held up the debt ceiling and as soon as President Obama signed the joint agreement the stock market plunged. All this drama was supposed to avoid a bond-rating decline but the country’s rating was lowered anyway.
You and your colleagues get laid off and the stock market goes up because that means your former “company” is now leaner and meaner.  How is that logic working out for you and your family, especially since unemployment pays so close to what you were earning – RIGHT?
Exxon/Mobile earned 41% more in profit over this last quarter than the quarter before. We are talking billions in profit yet the employee roster shows a consistently steady decline in Exxon workers over the last six years. If they keep more money, they will trickle it down to new workers, remember
The “haves” are sitting on $1 trillion dollars of ours in bank accounts/cash/under the mattress money and they won’t hire workers because they can’t see what will happen five years from now?  HOGWASH!!  If you take direction and advice from these sick people you will need psychotropic drugs to manage your schizophrenia and bi-polar manifestations.
ASSEMBLY TO END POVERTY has called for a MARCH ON WASHINGTON, June 30th, 2012 to raise this poverty question for the final time.  Get involved in some way – endpoverty2012@gmail.com, or call: (313) 964-0618.  You have 328 days left to get busy.
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