Why We March: DTE Shut Offs

The foundation on which society rests has forever changed.
In September-October of 2010, it was revealed that DTE Energy — the largest energy provider in Michigan — had 80,000 utility customers in Detroit’s Wayne County alone without either lights or gas, and winter hadn’t begun yet.
The concept of the worthy poor is being trotted out as corporations identify who we should feel sorry for and who deserves the pains connected with poverty. It’s your fault if you selected the wrong husband, the wrong wife, the wrong nationality, the wrong career, the wrong parents, etc.
Summer storms cross the State, knocking out energy services to 1000’s and the nightly news shares the stories of the beleaguered families suffering.  Not one word is written about those who live without utilities night after night because they can’t pay the rising costs.
We are “trained” to see a difference between the one group and the other. No one should have to live thru winters without heat or lights. No one should face living without water.

The Assembly To End Poverty is calling for a March on D.C., June 30th, 2012 to end poverty, and not the poor.  Get involved…endpoverty2012@gmail.com. You have 333 days left.

Image capture from Kenny Snod video.

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