Why We March: Announcing the Workers March On Washington

Beginning today, August 1, 2011,  we will begin the first of many posts about preparation for the national Workers March On Washington, June 30, 2012. As a proud member of the Assembly to End Poverty, MWRO is actively organizing thousands of workers and low-income people to speak out and demand an end to poverty!
For the next several months, we will keep you posted with regular reports, analyses and commentary on why we must march. While we gather momentum toward this great march, we know that the heart of this work lies in the stories, testimonials and experiences of poverty from every person in the U.S. that we meet along the way.
We know that the foundation on which society rests has changed forever. Science has advanced technology very fast, making workers more productive than ever before. Fewer human beings are needed to produce. In Michigan, we live in a State that’s been hit very hard by this new world order. Yet, political operatives have suggested that mothers on welfare with children be separated from their benefits and forced into the work market. The first 12,600 public assistance families will be eliminated effective Oct. 1st, 2011.
In the worst job market, in the worst housing market, with family violence spiraling out of control, the answer is to push women and children into deeper poverty? The State will save $64 million by eliminating payments to this group.  What is the worth of a human being?
The Assembly To End Poverty is calling for a Workers March On Washington, June 30, 2012. We march on D.C. because we want to eliminate poverty, and not the poor. We can and we will do this!
Get involved, contact:  EndPoverty2012@gmail.com.  You have 335 days left.
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