MWRO protests DTE utility shutoffs!

Once again, another cold winter is upon us and MWRO is actively helping low-income people who have had their electricity, natural gas and/or water shutoff. Winter is an especially serious time as people who cannot pay either freeze to death (literally) or use dangerous alternatives that cause house fires. Every year we’re back at this same place trying to turn on utilities for families with small children and low-income seniors with breathing machines.

We spend countless hours on the phone and in meetings with DTE officials and social service agencies who know what the outcome will be when they choose profits over people: thousands of poor families suffering in freezing cold homes or dying from house fires started by old, portable heaters and candles for heat.

To protest these massive shutoffs, MWRO had its first “Resurrection March” today at the corporate headquarters of community foe, DTE Energy.

We’ve had enough!!

Please join MWRO at the upcoming DTE protests on:
Dec 17th and Dec 24th, 2009
12 noon-1 pm at DTE, 2835 Bagley/Second, downtown Detroit.

Plus, please write to DTE and demand that they stop the utility shutoffs against poor people!

Anthony Early, Jr., CEO
DTE Energy
One Energy Plaza
Detroit, MI 48226

See today’s Detroit Free Press coverage at:
DTE protest video
DTE newspaper story

For more info, call MWRO at 313-964-0618

(Photo: MWRO)

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  1. I don't think Anthony Early is in charge of DTE anymore.

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