Help exploited Mexican workers in Michigan

Forwarded from a friend in the labor community:

Mexican workers are being exploited by many US and foreign companies, especially auto parts suppliers. One of the largest is TRW which is headquartered here in Michigan. In Reynosa, Mexico they pay workers, many of them women, about $1.50 an hour to make seat belt systems for GM, Ford and Chrysler, and other automakers. It is nearly impossible to live on that kind of money even in Mexico.

And on top of that the company has unilaterally imposed a change of location on them, disrupting their transportation and child care arrangements without any compensation. On top of unsafe conditions and threats to their job security, and inaction from their company union, about 600 workers organized to fight back. The leadership was soon fired and blacklisted. Sound familiar?

One of the leaders is in the US, and part of his purpose is to present the grievances directly to TRW leadership in Livonia, Michigan. That will take place on Wednesday at 10am…here’s how you can help the workers:

Please write or call the company president and CEO on Wednesday morning. The details on how to do so follow. And a more detailed explanation is attached in a flyer. On Wednesday, email or call TRW supporting workers’ demands c/o: John C. Plant, TRW President and CEO 734.855.3871(office), 734.748.0676 (cell), 734.855.2473 (fax)

It should only take a few moments to take this action but it would mean a lot to the workers, and to our belief that we are in one common struggle and we can reach out across the world to help each other.

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