Rosemary Williams Evicted from her home

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August 2009

Peoples’ occupation to resist the eviction taking place

By Steff Yorek

Minneapolis, MN – Fight Back! News is reporting from the home of Rosemary Williams on the 3100 block of Clinton Ave S. in Minneapolis, MN. Early this afternoon, Hennepin County Sheriff Deputies came to Rosemary’s home and evicted Rosemary, her daughter in law and two of her grandchildren. The deputies carried out the wishes of GMAC mortgage with calculated precision. They allowed the Williams family to collect a few personal items, then changed the locks on the home and padlocked the garage. A family locked away from their life so the GMAC can be the proud owners of another vacant home on a block with 7 other vacant homes

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This eviction is not like the others though. Rosemary Williams has been fighting this eviction from the very beginning and that struggle is continuing. Within one hour of the eviction supporters from the Minnesota Campaign for a People’s Bailout, Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign, neighbors and many others from the South Minneapolis Community gathered at Rosemary’s home. The house was reopened in the name of the Williams family. It is currently being occupied by more than 50 people. Many have vowed to remain in the home for as long as it takes for Rosemary to get her home back from the bank.

Linden Gawboy from the Welfare Rights Committee and the MN Coalition for a Peoples Bailout said, “I am here to save Rosemary’s home. GMAC are criminals. You can see that the neighborhood and the community has come together because we are sick of seeing people who have worked all their lives for their homes lose them in the blink of an eye.”

The Williams family has been devastated by economic crisis and the greed of GMAC Mortgage. While the banks, including GMAC got bailed out by billions in tax dollars, homeowners like Rosemary have been left at the mercy of greedy banks.

While the greedy banks and the fat cats who run them collect huge salaries, this modest home where Rosemary Williams has raised children, nurtured grandchildren has become a living example of the foreclosure crisis playing out all across the country. It is also a living example of a fight back against this crisis.

Save Rosemary Williams Home!

Support the Occupation!

Image courtesy of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign

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