Put your dukes up Detroit! It’s time to Fight!

An Open Letter from MWRO member, Ann Grimmett

I demand to know how Cocky Cockerel has been restored to the title of “President of City Council” after he LOST the run for the mayor’s seat! In fact, when Sharon McPhail did EXACTLY the same thing, she not only lost her run, she lost her seat and she was JUST a council member!

Also, why the HELL is Dave Bing in Mackinaw making a deal for COBO, when we made it clear BEFORE he slithered into the mayor’s office that “WE THE PEOPLE” do NOT want ANY deals that would pry COBO from our control!! Come on people isn’t it time YET???

What do the “Powers We Let Be” have to do to us to make it clear that they think we’re a joke? They’ve taken “Eastern Market,” “the DETROIT Zoo,” the Bridge to Canada,” the “Tunnel to Canada,” “the International Waterfront,” and “DPS” along with our will to resist! Yet, we insist upon concentrating on what THEY decide should be our focus!

Why my people, do we consistently continue to “accept others opinions over our own”? It’s as though we have some illness the cure (which eludes us), is seemingly just outside of our understanding and acceptance! It’s time to embrace the fury we possess and channel that into a force that MUST be reckoned with!

Put your dukes up Detroit it’s time to FIGHT ’til WE WIN again and again and AGAIN!!

(Image courtesy of Michigan Citizen)

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