Detroit Greens City Council Candidates Public Meeting

Join MWRO at the Detroit Greens City Council Candidates Public Meeting to discuss alternative visions and strategies for improving our city!

Saturday, April 25, 2009 from 1-3pm
International Institute (111 E. Kirby, adjacent to the DIA)

The 2009 elections are approaching and Detroit at the crossroads: What direction should it take? Continue the corporate-dominated agenda of layoffs, privatizations, reductions in services and continued poverty or commit to a people’s agenda of jobs, environmental protection and an end to poverty?Help us put an end to the Corporate Agenda and let’s begin to create a People’s Agenda! And green jobs!
Join Green candidates for City Council, Derek Grigsby and Clyde Shabazz, and community organizations including Call ‘Em Out , Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, Detroit Greens, and more. For more info call 313-580-4905(Image courtesy of Detroit Greens, a local of the Green Party of Michigan)

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