People’s Water Board Created In Detroit

By Gwendolyn Gaines and Sylvia Orduño, MWRO

We’re pleased to announce that the first meeting of the People’s Water Board in Detroit was a big success! Representatives from several organizations, including the Green Party, Sierra Club, Call ‘em Out, Moratorium Now, Detroit Black Community Food Security Network, AFSCME Local 207, MECAWI, and MWRO, laid the groundwork for this coalition of water activists.

All participants were concerned about the need for clean, accessible water, plus shutoffs, privatization, and the Water Affordability Plan. The People’s Water Board is taking the first steps to ensure that local water remains in public hands, investigate who and where the threats are to this, and will act as an advocate for the people.

The People’s Water Board identified several short- and long-term goals such as ensuring access to water for all people (including getting the Water Affordability Plan on the November 2009 Detroit ballot); protecting water quality and water conservation; and opposing privatization of water resources.

The next People’s Water Board will meet May 26, 2009 at 6pm at MCHT (2727 Second Ave, Detroit, MI). Meanwhile, nominations are underway for Commissioners. For more information, contact Melissa Damaschke at the Sierra Club (313) 965-0055,

(Image courtesy of Michigan Sierra Club)

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