How Dare You DTE!

An Open Letter from Ann Grimmett:

As a native Detroiter and a member of MWRO (a national welfare rights union), I was honored to be included in the hosting of a contingent in town mapping out the strategy for the 2nd US Social Forum to be held here in Detroit in June of 2010.

In route to one of many sessions, I traveled thru Mexican Village near the Ambassador Bridge, and the (under construction) Gateway Project. On the way up W. Vernor, I noticed the building located at W. Vernor and 20th St., the former sight of the Detroit Police Department’s 2nd Precinct, under the Detroit-Wayne County Port Authority.

This building, although boarded up, was obviously (in broad daylight), VERY well lit, INSIDE! What struck me was that DTE chooses to shut off the service (even to the point of causing death,) of residents who desperately need it for the maintenance of life saving medical equipment, while this defunct building has electric service running day and night! This is SO diabolical it makes me ill! WE are going to have to hold these soulless, wicked, inhuman, corporate devils accountable, NOW!!

Image from MWRO: Lights are on at the boarded up former Detroit Police Dept 2nd Precinct, closed for more than a year!

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