“Explicit Ills” film from PPEHRC Activist and Actor

Mark Webber, Poor People’s Economic Economic Rights Campaign (PPEHRC) activist and professional actor, has written and produced a touching film about families in Philadelphia. It’s based on personal experiences with family and friends in some of the poorest neighborhoods in the country.

Explicit Ills aims to tell the truth about poverty and homelessness in the USA through four interconnected stories of love, drugs, and poverty.

The film is currently in limited release. Contact PPEHRC to find out how you can get Explicit Ills screened in your city.

See video interview with Mark Webber about the making of Explicit Ills.

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  1. Wow truly amazing. It doesn't get any more straight-shooting than this. If aiming for the heart I'd call Mark Webber "Cupid". Bravo!

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