National Call-in Day for HR 676

It’s a travesty that in this country over 50 million Americans are without insurance, and 25 million are underinsured.

In response to this, healthcare activists across the country are encouraging citizens to call their elected representatives on December 22 in support of HR 676 for national single-payer healthcare. It is sponsored by Michigan Congressman John Conyers.

Led by medical practitioners and grassroots activists, Healthcare-Now, describes single-payer healthcare as a financing system where a government-run administrator or “payer” collects and pays out all health care fees. Approximately 10% of current administrative costs for processing private insurance bills would be eliminated, and the savings could be used to pay healthcare for those who are under-insured. Moreover, “…95% of all Americans will pay less for their healthcare than they are currently paying.” This sounds good to us!

Help us move toward healthcare coverage for all by calling your representatives in Congress (see Votesmart to locate your representatives)–especially Sen. Edward Kennedy–and asking for their support of HR 676, single-payer healthcare. Also, sign the online HR 676 petition.

The second national call-in day is Thursday, January 15th.

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