The Real Stimulus Strategy!!

by Maureen D Taylor, MWRO State Chairperson

Has it not yet occurred to regular, blue-collar, working or in-between job folks that the real way to stimulate the economy is to make resources directly available to us!

Every family who was deemed eligible for the $600 or $300 check is already listed and on paper with current addresses or current bank account numbers, right? Send us all a check for $60,000, or $30,000 each and exempt us from paying taxes on just that amount since whatever we purchase, will be taxed. Make it clear that this is a one time event, and then make it mandatory that all receivers MUST open a bank or Credit Union account.

How long will it take to stimulate the economy? About as long as it takes to get dressed and get out the door! We will buy cars, and refrigerators, and stoves, and clothing, and shoes. We will pay off arrearage utility bills, catch-up on mortgages and rents, and re-invest in car insurance. We will buy food, birthday gifts, get married, fly South to visit grandma, rent a car to take the kids to the Grand Canyon, buy books, go to the movies and take a stronger interest in charity events because we want to share our collective good fortune. This is a win-win scenario.

The regressive government that allowed this nightmare to happen slithers out of blame, the corporations rise or fall on their own greed, and the American people save the country from both of these scavengers. Working people put dollars into circulation. We start small businesses. We make things work, and when we are not in the mix, well you see what happens.

President-elect Obama…get those check printing machines oiled and ready if you want to quickly fix this “rich-man’s” mess! With so many more Americans becoming homeless, unemployed, poorer and poorer, wonder why we didn’t lose any millionaires or billionaires? Working people will purchase our way back to a level of stability. Knowing that we may not have jobs, we will make wise decisions that protect our families and keep us alive for the long run. You must know the feeling of being “without” before you can make plans to avoid that feeling again.

The fate of the nation and the world lies with us. Trickle down never works only plans to “lift all ships” from the bottom up has the blessing of God stamped on it!

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