Poverty Summit Party Crashing

Today in Detroit, there are three events of concern to us…and we were invited to two of them. Working backwards, we’re attending two evening events with great community organizations: United Community Housing Coalition (UCHC), and Detroit Summer.

UCHC is holding an annual fundraising dinner for their work to help low-income homeowners fight mortgage foreclosures. The youth organization, Detroit Summer, is beginning their Breaking Bread Action Series with speakers, music, videos, and a community action. We’ll be there with bells and whistles to help these stalwart groups with the amazing work they do in our communities!

Earlier in the day, we’ll be attending the Poverty Summit organized by the State of Michigan…but not because we (or other poor people’s advocacy groups) were invited. In fact, at the last minute, MWRO was asked by a participating union leader to join a panel after discovering welfare rights was not included in this social service soirée at Detroit’s downtown convention center. The Governor will be there along with hundreds of poverty-concerned bureaucrats, academics, faith-based funding organizations, and welfare-to-work contractors. The only ones who won’t be there are the victims of poverty!

Welfare rights is not new to the “we forgot to invite you” game. But when the so-called leaders on poverty solutions are in your backyard, it’s an added insult to the people who suffer daily from decisions made by well-dressed people in banquet halls.

So, we’ll be there today and we’ll report back tomorrow on what transpired. And to our friends at UCHC and Detroit Summer, we can’t wait to see you!

UCHC Annual Fundraising Dinner & Silent Auction, 5:30pm
Central United Methodist Church, 23 E. Adams St, Detroit
Suggested donation: $20, or whatever you can afford

Detroit Summer “Breaking Bread Action Series,” 6pm
CCNDC, 3535 Cass (No. of MLK Bl), Detroit
Bring a potluck dish.

(Images from State of Michigan Poverty in Michigan webpages)

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