Liquid Assets Documentary on Water Infrastructure

Liquid Assets is another anticipated documentary on the nation’s water crisis. But this time it’s not about the water shut-off and affordability problems that we’re familiar with. Instead, this film reports on the decaying infrastructure of water systems in the U.S.

Michiganders know all too well about broken water and sewer lines in their neighborhoods, and along busy streets and highways. Every winter, residents witness frozen household and street pipes reach their limit and burst from years of usage, erosion, and damage. While homeowners are responsible for fixing pipes on and near their property lines, there is a vast network of underground pipes that belong to the general public. There are, however, too few resources and even fewer large-scale plans to address this impending crisis.

Liquid Assets investigates this problem and interviews a variety of political leaders, industry officials, and community activists. Their responses tell of the need for what could be the nation’s single largest public works project in history. Learn more by viewing the Liquid Assets trailer, and reading the website’s Synopsis and Themes.

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