What a Night! See the excitement in Detroit!

The election results are in and we have a winner…the people of the U.S.! President-Elect Obama has energized people like we haven’t seen in years, and this country’s hope for a better future is looking possible.

Some of the election results remind us that we still have a lot of work to do in organizing our communities. Yesterday’s exit polls from CNN indicated that young people 18-29 years old voted overwhelmingly for Obama 66%, McCain 32%. Among other groups: African Americans 96% for Obama to 3% McCain; Latinos, 67% Obama to 30% McCain; and Asian Americans, 63% Obama to 34% McCain.

The polling data on income levels indicates that among people earning under $15k/yr, 75% voted Obama, 23% McCain; and those earning $15-30k/yr voted 60% for Obama, 37% McCain. Voters without a high school diploma chose Obama 63% to McCain 35%.

This election demonstrates that the masses can be moved when they are inspired and determined to do so! The people of this country (and worldwide) are demanding significant change. Poor people’s advocates must organize their communities more strongly to take advantage of this wave of promise, hope, and energy. We can do it!

Thanks to the young people at Allied Media Conference/Project for their great street video on election night in Detroit!

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