Editorial – Green Candidates in Michigan

The Green Party of Michigan candidates support the program and work of Michigan Welfare Rights Organization. Green Party candidates support an immediate moratorium on utility shutoffs and foreclosures, a living wage and good paying jobs for everyone.

Please consider voting for Green Party candidates. Bail out the people, not the bankers!

For President & Vice-President
Cynthia McKinney & Rosa Clemente

US Senate
Harley Mikkelson

State Board of Education
Dwain C. Reynolds

Michigan State University, Board of Trustees
Therese Marie Storm

University of Michigan, Board of Regents
Ellis Boal

Wayne State University, Board of Governors
Margaret Guttshall

US House of Representatives

Rev. Edward Pinkney, 6th District
He is in prison because he is fighting for you! Don’t forget him!

Aimee Smith, 15th District

Clyde Shabazz, 14th District

George Corsetti, 13th District

William Opalicky, 12th District

Erik Shelley, 11th District

Candace Caveney, 10th District

Doug Campbell, 9th District

Aaron Stuttman, 8th District

Lynn Meadows, 7th District

Ken Mathenia, 5th District

Jean Treacy, 1st District

Other Local Offices

Matt Erard, MI House/53rd

Frank Delano Harden, MI House/35th

Richard Kuszmar, MI House/25th

Derek Grigsby, MI House/7th

Fred Vitale, MI House/3rd

Shelly Bane, MI House/27th

Dianne Feeley, Wayne County/5th

John A. LaPietra, Calhoun County Clerk Register

Matt Abel, Wayne County Prosecutor

Louis Novak, Wayne County Commissioner, District 6

Stephen Weed, Macomb County Commissioner, District 1

Tom Mair, Grand Traverse County Commissioner, District 7

Korine Bachleda, Clerk, Newburg Township, Cass County (I)

Here is a link to our Slate Card. http://briefcase.yahoo.com/bc/freddetroit@sbcglobal.net/lst?.dir=/Campaign+Materials&.view=l

Click on Slate Card to see it.

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